Copyright info

Copyright Information - may I use your images for...?

All of our images are strictly protected by copyright laws. The university will take legal actions in cases of copyright violation. Any commercial usage of our images must be purchased (the usual rate is € 100,- per image). Please read the copyright information below if you are unsure whether in your case usage of the image is free or not. If you want to "order" an image, read the Ordering Information below.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions regarding Copyright

  1. May I use your images on my webpage?

    Such usage is strictly prohibited (at least not free of charge). Instead, use a hyperlink to the respective URL. Our URLs are stable for the diagnosis and image pages. If you still want to use an image on your webpage, the price is € 100,- per image. The source must be acknowledged. For payment details contact the DermIS-Team.

  2. May I "frame" your content?

    Usually NOT, but in certain cases we may grant exceptions. Please ask the DermIS-Team.

  3. May I use your images in my lecture?

    Yes, if you are a non-commercial, educational institution (such as a university), we grant the right to reproduce the images e.g. as slides or to publicly display the images free of charge. No prior approval is necessary, but we ask you to acknowledge the image source Dermatology Image Atlas). If you are a commercial institution (pharmaceutical industry etc.) we ask you to pay a one-time fee of € 200,- for the usage of up to 10 slides in your lectures. For payment details contact the DermIS-Team.

  4. May I use your images in my scientific (scholary) article?

    Yes, if you are the author of a research or educational paper which is published in a scientific journal (listed by the Institute for Scientific Information ISI), we usually grant the right to reproduce any image on request, provided that you acknowledge the source (Diepgen TL, Yihune G et al. Dermatology Online Atlas). Published online at: However, you are not allowed to transfer any copyrights to the publisher.

  5. May I use your images in my book / book chapter?

    If you are the author of a book, ask the publisher to contact us to obtain one-time non-exclusive usage right for that image. We grant one-time non-exclusive usage rights for € 100,- per image. Exception: If the book-chapter is about DOIA, the royalty is waived.

  6. May I use your images in our product broschure (pharmaceutical products) or educational broschure?

    If you are a commercial institution (pharmaceutical company) producing an educational or promotional broschure, we grant the non-exclusive right to use our images on request for € 100,- per image. It is crucial that you do not use the image in an inappropiate or misleading context. We might ask you to provide the context you are intending to use the image in. If you are a non-commercial organisation in need for an educational image we might grant you the non-exclusive right to reproduce a image on request free of charge.

  7. May I use images in our newspaper, non-scholary journal, publication xy?
    For all other publications, non-scholary articles, e.g. in newspapers, pharmaceutical publications, etc. the royalty per image is € 100,-. Exception: If the article is about DOIA, the royalty is waived.

Ordering information

If you want to "order" one or more images, please note the following:

  1. Browse to the page which is showing the image you want.
  2. Copy the URL from your browser's adressfield and copy it to an Email
  3. Send an Email, containing your adress, institution and purpose to the DermIS-Team.
  4. It is an absolute requirement to respect the anonymity of the patients and to reproduce any image where patients may be recognized in a anonymized form. We will put any ordered image on our server in JPG format for download.
  5. The URL where you can obtain the images will be sent to you via email.